Cameroon : Clergies condemn gruesome killings taking place.

Cameroon : Clergies condemn gruesome killings taking place.

The military and separatist forces urged to stop spiling innocent blood.

The men with white clerical collar of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, through a communique published on the 11th of January, 2021 condemned the dreadful killings perpetrated recently by the separatist fighters and the military. To the religious leaders, the killings have shattered all hopes of peace as the sounds of guns and bombs are received at the dawn of the New Year.

The moves undertaken by the religious leaders towards peace and nationally organized ecumenical/ inter-religious march for peace on January 2, this year has been thrown into the mire by the dreadful killings. They have prescribed peace and justice as the way forward instead of the nonsense killing or war that has never bring any solution to a problem.

Provoked by the gruesome killing of five, including four military and a female journalist by road side bombs that exploded on the convoy of government officials escorted by military between Andek and Mbenwi, on Wednesday, the 6th of January 2021, the surprise attack on Friday, 8th January this year on the military at Matazam – Santa with casualty count of four military and two civilians, the killing of a the five years old child of a pastor behind his house in Wum Menchum Division, on Saturday 9th January, 2021 by an unidentified gun men, the alleged killing of nine civilians including a child at Wautu in Muyuka Sub Division, have pushed the men with white clerical collars to conclude that the end of the violence is far fetch.

The clerics, have pointed out that” the complex nature of attacks and counter attacks, the further us of explosives insinuates the determination of both the military and the armed separatist forces to continue on the path of war”. While calling on the state to take its responsibility and look for a lasting solution to the ongoing nonsense war in order to regain its place as a custodian of national unity, the men with white clerical collars are inviting the arm separatists and their leaders to value human lives and put an end to the torment and killings mated on the same people they are supposed to protect and claim to free.

They are calling on everyone to consider justice and dialogue that leads to sustainable peace than war. As the condemn all those who claim human lives and spill innocent blood, the pastors are reminding the perpetrators of wickedness that, each and every one has an account to give to the creator the almighty God of his or her act on the day of judgment.

Takang Bisong

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