Cameroon : Paul Biya promise 500.000 jobs to the youths.

Cameroon : Paul Biya promise 500.000 jobs to the youths.

Head of State stands for the implementation of various projects.

Paul Biya the President of the Republic has promised creating over 500.000 jobs for the youths this year. This wonderful employment promise was made on February  10th, 2021, during the Head of State message to the youths. The announcement of making the young people to have something doing has been welcome with mixed feelings by some cameroonians.It has been a tradition for the Head of State to address the youths at the eve of the National Youth Day.

Most often than not, promises of a better tomorrow for the young Cameroonians are made. The young people are always cajoled with words like brighter future, fight against poverty and decent job opportunities each year which hardly come to past. According  to Ebob Etang, it is complete fun and a joke. How serious is the Paul Biya the Head of State about the creation of over 500.000 jobs? Which are the sectors that are going to absorb the 500.000 youths? Have the old people who refused  going on retirement accepted leaving their positions for the young people? All these are quesions to be answered.

For many years, the Cameroonian graduated youths, have been looking forward on the government to reduce the unemployment rate. The situation instead of changing for good, is worsening. Many young people because of lack of employment are mocked . Neba James explainedThe Head of State assured young Cameroonians of his determination to ensure the implimentation in various production sectors youth support programmes.

The successful establishment of different agenda in divers projects, will open employment doors for the youths in the country.To prove himself worthy of his words, Paul Biya reminded young Cameroonians of the « Special Youth| » Three – year plan that has financed over 5.500 projects. To the Head of State, the program worth over 15 billion CFA has given more than 16000 youths having good projects hopes.                                 

 By Takang Bisong

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