Cameroon : Voices of young parliamentarians weightless

Cameroon : Voices of young parliamentarians weightless

Government officials hardly consider opinion of the youths.

It has become a tradition in Cameroon, that few days before the National Youth Day celebration, one hundred and eighty young people selected from all the fifty eight divisions of the ten regions of Cameroon meet in Yaounde at the National Assembly. The young parliamentarians meet under one roof to discuss and brainstorm on pertinent issues regarding the growth of the Cameroonian young people.

The billion dollar question tabled by some school of thoughts is, Has the government of Cameroon ever listen to their voices? This question remains to be answered. The expectation of many Cameroonians regarding the outcome of each session have been cut short. For the past four years, there have been socio-political issues in the country that we expect the young parliamentarians to hammer on.

To the dismay of many Jeff Mbah pointed out, they are handled lightly. He explained, it is rather unfortunate, that many of their peers are dying daily without any crime committed, yet, they meet yearly to please the state. If the 2021 youth parliament is used to discuss important issues plaguing our society, it will make some sense.

The over one hundred and eighty youths who partake in the 2021 Youth Parliamentary session on February 9, 2021, have acknowledged that the ongoing crisis in the North West and South Regions of the country is an impediment to economic and political development.

If the voices of the young parliamentarians are silent by the authorities that be in the country, therefore, of what importance is the youth parliament? It is high time, the government of Cameroon put hand on deck to ensure the socio, economic and political stability of the state. There is no need trying to offering the youths to particpate in the socio-political development in the domain of entrepreneurship in the midst crisis.

Takang Bissong

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